How To Send Large Files Over The Internet

We all might have faced a common frustrating feeling when you needed to send a large Media file, CAD drawing or high definition Graphics report with friends or co-workers and an error message pops-up notifying “File Size Too Large”. Transfer large files like these by email isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, because our email accounts can’t carry as much storage as you might think. For instance, Gmail can only hold files up to 25 MB.

Emailing has turned into an incredible medium as it licenses you to send various kinds of things like video audio files, documents, etc to numerous collectors on the double. Despite the fact that the requests of organizations are expanded bit by bit by time. The world turns into a worldwide town now daily and individuals of a similar organization are working in various parts of the world. They need to update and move records routinely to seamlessly work with one another and do their work collaboratory and effectively. It additionally needs to send a huge document of in excess of 50-150 MB that can’t be sent through email. Most of them don’t have the slimmest idea of how to send huge documents and get help from the experts and strategized for the mailing framework. This is surely not a reliable way in this age of the fast-changing world when quick response and informative move is required for the development of any business association.

Additionally, sending large files directly via email can consume a lot of your storage space, even if it’s just sitting in your Sent folder.

If you have to transfer large files that you can’t send the traditional way, don’t worry – we’ve got the easy and cheap alternative, to ensure the largest of files can be sent to whoever, within minutes.

With Sent and Secure, you can send large files of any type to anybody from Windows or Mac, or from your Android, iPad, iPhone or Windows mobile device. Simply sign up and create a shared link for a file or folder, then copy that link into an email, chat or text for an easy file transfer.

Sent is a quick and secure file sharing website that permits users to upload huge size files and share it with friends or co-workers at a really reasonable price. There are various types of customizations available according to the user’s needs.

The best feature of this service is that whichever plan a user select, the user will get an Unlimited file size limit. The most affordable plan which is at zero cost provides 20 GB of file size send with up to five files at a time. Users can retain files up to one day with multi-user support by which you can share account access with friends or co-workers and get amazing free of cost customer care email support.

Why you should start using the encrypted file service?

encrypted file service

Shockingly, cloud computing is anything but difficult but can be hacked by anybody and information can be effectively burglarized. For example, Flickr is an online space where you can host various sorts of pictures however the pictures can be effectively taken. Wikipedia is additionally a famous online portal for information any way it is likewise still equivalent to Flickr with less security.

Hence the information put away in these gadgets become powerless against a wide range of malicious projects and people with a contrary purpose. The defenselessness of the information makes it basic for clients to look for more secure alternatives for security arrangements, which make them have a sense of safety from the assault of potential programmers and outside sources. Such security breaks may prompt information or monetary misfortune for the two organizations and people. In this digital era, sharing files using unencrypted websites is dangerous and your data could get stolen or damaged. To overcome this situation user should use Send and Secure’s encrypted fast unlimited affordable file sharing service.

To know errorlessly how to send a document, you have to experience the plans and bundles cautiously as depicted on the specialist co-op’s site. Numerous famous suppliers give a free arrangement under which you are permitted free transferring and move records with no charges. The recipient can likewise download a piece of similar information whenever inside the number of days indicated in the preliminary idea after which the information might be wiped out by the specialist organization from the server. Contingent on the measure of information you wish to send, you can choose plans that give you an office to send documents of sizes, for example, 50 MB, 150 MB & so on and some specialist co-ops even enable you to redo your arrangements.

Follow these simple steps to send large files securely free:

  1. Visit Sent and Secure
  2. Fill up your details
  3. Choose Plan and accept Terms and Conditions
  4. Confirm Email and Log In
  5. Click on Send then Any Email Address
  6. Input Email, check the box and click continue
  7. Click on Choose Files, select files
  8. Choose File option like- Expiration Date & Time, Password, etc
  9. Click on Approve and Send

You will get this Successful Message after uploading.

Upload Large Files Over the Internet

Although there is another way for sharing document it has its own limitations.

At authoritative levels, documents are moved through an inside system File transfer protocol or FTP is used at corporate levels to exchange large files within an organization. It is a networking service that allows unlimited data transfer. Every one of the PCs in an office are associated with one another for simple information move. The framework empowers an independent systems administration stage which is free of the web. The system is absolutely indigenous and direct, there are no confinements in regards to the size or recurrence of records in travel. Additionally, the rate at which the information is moved is relatively high. In any case, you need the web to interface with a framework situated in a remote office or an alternate branch. Again you need to rely upon email or online information dispersing administrations.

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