What is PPC?

The concept of placing paid ads into the search results of search engines like Google, Bing is called as Pay per click (PPC).


Pay Per Click Management means a digital marketing solution by digital marketers that will manage your PPC campaigns, create effective advertisements that will draw and grab the attention and determine which keywords to bid for in these services.

Google AdWords by far the most popular PPC platform operates on a pay-per-click model, in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements.

Professionals for PPC at Tarni Infotech begin a competitive analysis to better understand what competitors in the industry are focusing on in pay per click management, which competitors are the most invested, and which keywords are the highly focused.

And via effective ads, target your prospects with the hopes of turning them into customers of your products and services. By focusing our ads on your potential customers.

Check and track the effectiveness of your PPC Campaigns through Google analytics. Google Analytics is a strong platform for traffic analysis for pay per click campaigns.

What can Tarni Infotech do for me?


As a service provider, we at Tarni Infotech provide effective pay per click management services. We design an effective pay per click management campaign for your company. Our services help to expand your business and with us, you grow. We do entire setup, execution, and management of your PPC campaign as we are the full-service PPC management provider.


We at Tarni Infotech provides you

  •  Google PPC Ad Campaign
  •  Facebook Ad Campaign
  •  Twitter Ad Campaign
  •  Linkedin Ad Campaign
  •  Youtube Ad Campaign

Each landing page can be specifically designed for a specific advertisement based on the keywords in order to increase your conversion rates. Keyword research is performed to better understand which keywords to focus on and which are critical to the success of a pay per click management campaign.